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DIRECTV Channels

DIRECTV offers the best local, premium and on demand channels. They provide you 185+ channels like HBO, Sports channels, entertainment channels, channels for kids, news channels and many more. You can enjoy these channels in HD Quality with your family and friends at any time. You can also record the shows.

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DIRECTV Entertainment Channel List

DIRECTV offers premium and sports channels. They are providing more than 155 channels. The most on demand channels are: HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, EPIX, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports and many more.

DIRECTV Entertainment Package Benefits

DIRECTV offers amazing packages to their customers. You watch anything in HD Quality with your family. You can record your favorite shows. DIRECTV provides so many sports channels other than basic channels. You can also even pause, restart and reverse. They are offering 160+ channels. You can save all your favorite shows.